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Do you Need WiFi High Speed Internet In Las Vegas Nevada?

LV.Net introduces Nevada to HomeNet – WiFi High Speed Internet

LV.Net’s Wi-Fi HomeNet - the fastest internet in Nevada for your home and business! Call now for a quote – 702.900.0000 

L.Net’s High Speed Internet brought to you by HomeNet WiFi are available in four different packages. Speeds Range from from 1Mps all the way up to 5Gbps and with LV.Net’s Exclusive HomeNet Wi-Fi you won’t have to deal with the difficulties and inconvenient problems that fiber installation faces.  We will ensure you get the maximum Internet Wi-Fi access with least amount of hassle what-so-ever.

What is Wi-Fi? A wireless or WiFi network uses a radio frequency signal instead of wires to connect your devices - such as computers, printers, and smartphones - to the Internet and each other. LV.Net understands that in today's world we depend mainly on wireless devises. Call LV.Net and hook up your devices. One call to the Freedom of Wireless HomeNet by LV.Net. 702.900.0000.

Las Vegas HomeNet:
Reliable, consistent and fast internet access at an affordable price.

HomeNet Standard
Multiple Users and HD Quality video streams
  15 Mbps download
  2 Mbps upload
HomeNet Advanced
HD video streaming on Multiple devices
  25 Mbps download
  5 Mbps upload
Concurrent Streaming, Gaming and Downloading across multiple devices
  50 Mbps download
  10 Mbps upload
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LV.Net’s HomeNet is High speed internet that is guaranteed to stay up and running no matter what issues may arise. With over 25 years of service and an excellent Customer Service Support Department, LV.Net’s support is available to you 365/24/7.  Our exclusive network features a redundancy that will not compare with any other Internet Provider anywhere.  With LV.Net’s High Speed Internet Wi-Fi Services, you can be assured that you are connected regardless of how busy things get. 

Wi-Fi Delivering the Freedom You Need

Whether you are streaming from the internet, taking an online class or a die-hard gamer, LV.Net’s HomeNet, is the Wi-Fi product that will deliver the freedom for you to enjoy LV.Net’s high-speed internet WiFi connection though-out every office in your building or every room in your home.

 Professional Wi-Fi Install

Our Business and Residential customers in Las Vegas can enjoy LV.Net’s HomeNet Wifi wherever there is an active LV.Net high-speed internet connection. Our certified field technicians are available to discuss with you the best centralized location to provide the maximum Wi-Fi coverage. If additional Wi-Fi coverage is needed, discuss our different packages with our very helpful and friendly customer service representatives. Contact us at 702.900.0000 for specialized pricing. We are available 24/7/365.

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