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PremiumNet - Premium Internet

LV.Net Introduces to Las Vegas Business and Residences to PremiumNet. PremiumNet is a private business network which is a Point-to-Point telecommunications link that connects either two computers or networks that are in different physical locations.

A Point-to-Point (P2P) Private Business Network is a telecommunications link that connects two computers or networks in different geographical locations with a circuit, whether it be fiber-optic cable, metro-Ethernet, or wireless. Point-to-Point Networks deliver higher bandwidth, dependable, reliable data link between locations that exist throughout Nevada. LV.Net’s PremiumNet has many advantages over Internet-based business networks including enhanced safety measures for networks between a company's multiple locations, optimal data transmission capability, cost effectiveness and versatility. Point-to-Point through LV.Net’s Private Networks are capable of bandwidth speeds from 1.544Mbps (T-1) up to 1Gbps or more, allowing residential and business customers to support all of their voice, data and video needs.

Call LV.Net to get a price quote for PremiumNet, our private P2P Network today.  Friendly customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day to help put together a package that will be most beneficial for you and your business.

Network Reliability:

LV.Net’s PremiumNet is designed to achieve 99.999% uptime reliability. This is done by the following methods:

  • Licensed Carrier-Grade Radios on all major backbone points
  • Multiple transit links to each tower utilizing OSPF and a mesh topology to fail over between routes
  • Reporting and alerting of usage or port errors on all equipment allowing for pro-active management and maintenance
  • Redundant power design
  • All equipment used is standardized and kept in a "cold spare" state in case of equipment failure
  • Network is designed to allow for burst traffic of 3x max load for throughput and packets per second and utilizes a cisco-backed layer-3 switching topology
  • Microwave Private Point-to-Point Internet

Call LV.Net and get connected today to PremiumNet. Las Vegas’ top choice for Internet. It just takes one call - 702.900.0000. LV.Net, is the only connection you need.

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