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High-Speed Residential Internet with No Taxes or Hidden Fees

Residential Internet in Las Vegas
High-Speed Internet for the Home with No Price Increases Ever

You know the old-saying "you get what you pay for?" In today's age, it's more the exception rather than the rule. You should know exactly what the price is the moment you make a purchase. Whether it's a plane ticket, a hotel room or internet service, you the paying customer deserve to know the service you are paying for the price listed. At LV.Net, we don't sticker-shock our residential customers. We provide our residential customers with unlimited use of the internet at one set price that never increase the moment you get our high-speed internet service. No taxes. No hidden fees. No mysterious surcharges.

At LV.Net we don't have to do price guarantees. Our price has always been guaranteed. What we tell our residential customers the price of high-speed internet service is what the price will be. LV.Net residential customers don't have to worry about a sudden price change or increase. They have certainty, knowing every month the price of their high-speed internet service will be the same every time.

LV.Net is able to offer such reliability in price due to its highly advanced and robust network. LV.Net is able to offer high-speed internet service to our residential customers on an unlimited basis without having to charge extra fees. Our residential customers don't have to worry about paying more to access more of the internet. We have no preset limits on usage. By using the most advanced technology in the industry today and continuously upgrading our state-of-the-art wireless network, LV.Net is able to deliver consistent high speed internet service in areas previously considered unreachable. Since we are a wireless internet service provider, the high-speed internet connections we provide our residential customers produce less latency and signal degradation.

For nearly 25 years, LV.Net provides its residential customers Unlimited High Speed Wireless Internet service at the same price. And that will never change. In addition, LV.Net prides itself on providing superior customer service and support on all areas: billing, sales and technical. LV.Net strives to be the company our residential customers depend on when surfing the internet or watching a movie. Your connection is always on with us, whether you're in a major city or in a rural community.

No matter if you currently have our service or looking to get our service, the price you pay will never go up. Call LV.Net today at 702.900.0000 and learn how you can get unlimited access to the internet for your home without paying more than what you signed up for.


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