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Las Vegas SAS70 Compliant Data Center / Colocation

SSAE Compliant

SAS70-SSAE16 co-location
Companies can realize benefits by using an outside service provider when the service provider has the core competencies to do the job, and when using the service improves the company's performance. By using LV.Net for Internet and on-line functions, companies can better focus their interests in other areas and thereby potentially increase performance.

When using an outside service provider it may be important to be able to show what controls are in place in order to help substantiate due diligence responsibilities to a company's stakeholders. Another issue is facilitating transparency of any impact that outsourcing could have on a company's financial statements. An independent report issued from a qualified professional can help to better satisfy these concerns.

The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) has issued statements to guide independent auditors in making reports on service providers. SAS stands for "Statement on Auditing Standards", and SSAE stands for "Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements". SAS 70 and SSAE 16 have been issued by AICPA and provide guidance for independent auditors that evaluate service providers.

An SAS70 Compliant and SSAE 16 Compliant reports together include information and an opinion by an independent auditor regarding a service provider's internal controls. LV.Net is SAS70 Compliant and SSAE 16 Compliant certified.

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