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Seattle, WA

High Speed Internet in Seattle, WA 206.300.0000


    LV.Net's Residential High Speed Wireless Internet and Wi-Fi service in Las Vegas provides local residents with a fast, reliable...


    High Speed Internet has become a major source for residential and business Web access throughout Las Vegas.


    Whether the business is large or small, businesses compete. They compete for the attention of their target audience. .

  • Wi-Fi AIRNET

    LV.Net operates the Wi-Fi network branded Travelers Wi-Fi on the Las Vegas Strip and around Las Vegas, which is the most dynamic.

Residential Internet in Seattle
Seattle Internet
High Speed Residential Internet in Seattle,Washington

Get high speed Internet in Seattle, WA. Seattle is growing, and so is your business. LV.Net provides service through its enterprise class fixed-wireless network. Point-to-point private business networks are available in Seattle. P2P networks link equipment wirelessly through direct connections. These networks transfer data at rates of up to 1+Gbps.

Virtual private networks are another potential option in Reno. VPNs use an Internet connection to link devices and equipment. LV.Net's wireless Internet can be used for a VPN connection. VPNs secure transmissions with tunneling protocol and data encryption.

LV.Net actively manages security of its fixed-wireless network for maximum performance. Its network is designed to handle the most sensitive data. Internet for all voice, data and video needs can be provided in Henderson. LV.Net provides business-class high speed wireless Internet service in your area with fast installation.

Experience you can trust: LV.Net has over 25 years experience

LV.Net's service personnel are trained and experienced. They are available at all hours of the day, every day, including holidays. LV.Net's service team can configure solutions for any high-speed internet need. Installing a microwave connection is a relatively small task compared to fiber cable. Wireless Internet service can be installed quickly, sometimes in one day. Wireless Internet eliminates the need to install cable to carry signals over long distances as well as maintenance of the cables.

The wireless network is designed for 99.999% uptime using a number of procedures. This includes incorporating redundant topologies with automatic failover, and network programing that enables auto optimization. LV.Net's network is programed to re-route data to ensure that information travels in the most effective path. It maintains the same levels of available bandwidth through the use of adaptive code modulation techniques and other technologies.

LV.Net's network's speed, as well as the fixed-wireless connection that provides access to the network, is designed to remain unimpaired regardless of weather conditions. Equipment is programmed with features that permit network reconfiguration in the event of an unexpected loss of performance at any given point.

LV.Net's installation managers and field technicians are experienced. They work together with other managers and technical staff to install a configuration that takes into consideration features of the project site as well as expected use of the network.

LV.Net offers its services in Northern Arizona, Southern/Northern California, Southern/Northern Nevada and now Seattle. LV.Net's wireless microwave network can reach almost anywhere in these locations. Sites that are difficult to service with cable can be accessible with fixed-wireless Internet. LV.Net can service even very remote areas with ease.

Founded in 1994, LV.Net has the experience to provide the high performance business solutions for your company needs. Contact us today at 702.900.0000 to learn more about the high speed wireless Internet solutions available. We also provide Wi-Fi, VoIP, structure cabling, security cameras and other internet-based services.

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