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Startup Weekend Coming to Las Vegas

Startup Weekend Coming to Las Vegas

Startup Weekend brings entrepreneurs, local leaders, and friends together over three days to build momentum around your community’s unique entrepreneurial identity. Participants have the opportunity to join in this exciting event led by entrepreneurs right here in Las Vegas from November 16-18.

Start-up weekend was founded in 2007 in Colorado by a group of 70 entrepreneurs.  The idea was to try and create a start-up company in just 54 hours.

This shortly expanded to cities around the world in 2010 and registered as a not for profit.

The weekend is split into three sections. Friday night begins with a networking dinner, with ideas pitched in an open mic format.  Ideas will be voted on and teams will be created.

In the second stage, teams will build out these ideas. Coaches and mentors will be available to help the teams further develop their ideas.

Finally, stage three will consist of presentations. Teams will have the opportunity to present their idea to a panel of judges. There are several awards that the judges will vote on.  

Startup Weekend is a great place to experience what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, meet other innovative people, and test your ideas with some of the smartest business minds in the community!

You can sign up at

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