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Las Vegas High Speed Internet at the Veer Towers


Veer Towers Wi-Fi Las Vegas

LV.Net delivers high speed Internet to the distinguished condominiums in the heart of City Center in Las Vegas – Veer Towers. LV.Net wireless Internet is delivered through a series of antennas located at higher elevation points around Las Vegas. We can install high speed microwave Internet virtually overnight. LV.Net's microwave Internet can be installed in any building to serve multiple units at a fraction of the cost of fiber cable. It also makes first rate backup Internet where fiber cable is already in use.

Our trained and experienced technical staff design the entry link with complete failover so that there will never be one individual point that can break down and cause the entire network to interrupt service. LV.Net's proficient technicians install a fiber backbone in apartment structures and link all of the individual units. Each property receives individual Internet access, as well as the benefits of an enterprise grade firewall. LV.Net can also supply high speed Internet directly to individual users.

Call LV.Net today and inquire for more information on how our high speed Internet service can create value and advantages for your business.

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