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Phone Service (VoIP) VoiceNet

Do you need Phone Service for your home?  Call today and get Phone Service from LV.Net which is our VoiceNet product.

LV.Net introduces Nevada Residents to VoiceNet.  Residential and Business’s solution to Voice Over Internet Protocol! (Phone Service)

LV.Net’s VoiceNet brings the finest quality VoIP telephone service for Las Vegans business and residential users. LV.Net has designed the most cost-effective internet voice communications, along with potentially more calling features than any other competing internet company. VoiceNet packages are customizable and can be expanded to meet your home or companies’ personal needs.

Not only will you find substantial savings on international calls compared to your traditional phone systems, many of our custom VoiceNet advanced features can include call routing by time of day bridging. LV.Net’s VoiceNet can also be configured to ring multiple phone lines simultaneously and link multiple locations.

VoiceNet is exclusive to LV.Net’s customers and will respond in the most efficient ways providing our customers with only the finest customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and around always the clock with a smile.

In today’s times, the demand for bandwidth and high-performance networks are becoming increasingly important for everyday use. LV.Net’s VoiceNet will deliver only the highest quality bandwidth with the lowest latency providing the clearest call quality.  VoiceNet Packages by LV.Net are designed for both business and residential users and are optimized especially for VoIP service, designed to meet the specific requirements for our individual customer’s needs.

Call LV.Net now, With your voice and our Net you will get the clearest VoiceNet! Call 702.900.0000!

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