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Web Hosting - Shared, Dedicated and Managed Hosting

  • Las Vegas Business Hosting Plans

    Shared and Dedicated Web Host Packages

    • Plans as inexpensive as $200/year
    • Dedicated and Shared Web Host Options
    • Inexpensive equipment leasing
    • Preferred Email / Preferred Shared Hosting (limited availability)
    • Reseller Service Plans
    • SPAM Filtering
    • Reliable and Secure Webhosting

    Easily Manage Your Websites

    • Parallels™ (formerly Ensim™) Pro Control Panel
    • Reseller Site and User Administration
    • Monitor Account Resources
    • Email Account Control
    • Site Reporting Features

    Secure Facility, Reliable Support

    • Data Facility Enclosed in Bank Vault
    • Staff Monitored 24 Hours/Day
    • Regular Data Backups
    • Redundant Fiber-Optic Connections
    • Redundant HVAC and Power
    • Human-based Phone Support, 24/7/365

    Web Hosting Contact Form

    If you would like to discuss our reliable web hosting options to meet your particular needs, or would like more details on our services, please complete the form below. Once your information is received, we will schedule a callback by a Web Hosting Specialist.

  • Discount Shared Web Host Plans

    • Basic Web Hosting: $200.00 /year
    • Static IP for SSL: $50.00 /Hosting Plan
    • SSL Certificate: $250.00 /year

    Reliable Web Hosting Plans

    • Inexpensive $600.00/year
    • Shared Server with Only 10 Maximum Clients. Emails can be sent using Port 587

    Have more questions about Web Hosting or any Internet service? Please Call Us with all of your questions.

    (702) 900-0000

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